Terms and Conditions

This is a computerized automatic appointments SMS notification system, which appears to be useful in many professions and businesses.

This system consists of:

  • A secure online interactive agenda, which allows managing appointments at any time from any connected to Internet device.
  • An  SMS server, which automatically notifies the customer of his appointment (SMS language [Arabic/English/French] can be preset for each customer)
  • An additional recall service that reminds the customer by SMS of his last visit (e.g.: after 2/4/6/9/.. months)
  • A broadcast service that allows you to reach your customers in your online database or potential ones via the mass messaging interface.

Text in Latin version: 1 text message can contain up to 160 characters including spaces.
Text in Arabic version: 1 text message can contain a maximum of 70 characters including spaces.
Within the same text message, each additional character beyond the maximum allowed will deduct one additional SMS from your balance. Thus, in its full version, the content of the predefined text message is composed in order to enroll in single SMS. However, you can predefine the content of the SMS according to your needs by sending us your desired text by e-mail.

SENDER-ID, that you’ll choose when subscribing to our service, according to international standards, could not in any case exceed 11 characters.
Each account will be indexed to a single Sender-ID and will be associated with a single user.

A free trial account valid for 1 week including 40 free SMS, is proposed once to each interested person, without any prior or subsequent obligation to subscription, where the Sender-ID will appear as follow: LEBNOLOGY#, with "powered by lebnology.com" as a signature at the end of each notification sent to the client.

You are about to subscribe for the first time to our prepaid plan;
The amount of the first subscription and that of the chosen package must be paid entirely through our sales representative.
The packages are either biannual or annual (ref: www.lebnology.com/packages.html). That said that, at maturity date, you just have to renew your account by freely choosing the package that suits you best.
The SMS are cumulative. At maturity date, your account will be suspended preserving your SMS balance and your clients’ database, for a period of 6 months called “grace period”, to which you will have access once you refill your account by buying the package of your choice.
If you want to upgrade your package within the period of your current one, you must pay the full price of the new aiming package. However, you may refill SMS (by 100) during your active plan.
At the end of the "grace period", your SMS balance and your clients’ database will automatically reset. If you wish to reactivate your account, you must apply for a new subscription.
Please note that all our services are not refundable in any ways.

The data received during registration is handled confidentially and is never transmitted to a third party. Personal information and that of your customers involved in our SMS services shall not in any way provided, sold or rented to a third party. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that any data transmitted over the Internet will never be read or modified by an unauthorized person.

Subscriptions, changes, customizations, activation and reactivation requests will be processed within 48 hours on working days.
For a proper functioning:

  • You must have a reliable and secure Internet connection
  • Never handle the old appointments (these being a reference for sending last visit SMS recalls)
  • Keep your credentials away from the gaze of others.
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (not compatible with IE)
  • When giving an appointment online, fill-in properly the first name, last name and the 8 digits GSM number in its dedicated fields.
  • Make sure that your computer clock is properly set.

In its first version, the SMS server will only cover the two Lebanese operators ALFA and MTC TOUCH.
SMS messaging is managed by an independent online automatic server, thus, being logged to your account is not necessary to ensure a proper messaging timing.

Any comments and remarks are appreciated for system improvements.